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Innovation and new product development are the lifeblood of company growth. The ability to develop and bring new products to market quickly, cost effectively and successfully brings a distinct competitive advantage.

However, the successful introduction of new products into the piping systems market is a complex process with many critical steps. At any one of these steps, significant delays or road-blocks are possible. This can lead to cost overruns and, even more critically, missed opportunity in the market place. Delays of even a few months can be extremely costly.

The key to a truly successful product introduction is to have the right overall strategy and the specific tools and resources in place to ensure a smooth and successful product launch. Once the target market and general product concept have been determined, there are Seven Critical Elements to a successful product launch:

Knowing the specific technical requirements of the application is critical to defining the Product Development requirements.

There are three levels of technical requirements: Standard and Code Requirements, Application Performance Requirements and Client Perception Requirements. The base level requirements are those within the Codes and Standards. They are the ticket to play. It is critical to know and understand where the Codes and Standards can be modified to accommodate your product and which elements are must-haves. As the Codes and Standards are consensus documents, they do not always capture all the requirements critical to ensuring the product will perform as intended in the application. It is essential, therefore, to assess and define the critical performance elements to ensure the product will not fail in the application. At the highest level, your potential clients will have their own set of criteria, often in addition to the minimum code and standards requirements, that they have developed through their specific experience or the specific industries experience. Missing these can result in costly delays in new product introduction. Jana works closely with your product development team to ensure that these critical factors for the development are identified and well defined at the outset of the project. This ensures that your development starts off on the right track.

Optimized Product Development depends on having a clear development program that is integrated into the rest of the Product to Market Process.

Jana works with you to characterize your specific business needs and drivers and then develop an optimized Product Development Program. Critical to this process is the Quick Screening and SMART testing programs that Jana has developed to enable efficient and quick assessments of the product to ensure it will meet the critical development parameters. When it doesn't, Jana has the tools to conduct a rapid Root Cause Assessment and help you quickly get your development back on track.

Successful product development is process driven. Many organizations have their own internal product development processes (i.e. Stage-Gate). Jana works either within your existing process or can work with you to implement a product development process.

The last thing you want is to have an apparently successful product development and launch destroyed by failures in the field.

Jana has an explicit Validation Process that has been developed and refined through the last decade. This three component process — (1) Identifying all possible failure modes, (2) Conducting Accelerated Testing and Modeling and (3) Verifying the Models — brings a structured and disciplined approach to ensuring that your product will perform in the application as intended.

Many perfectly developed products have languished and stalled in the area of Codes and Standards.

This is a highly political arena where competitive interests can effectively stall your product launch by holding up new standards or standard modifications. It is critical to know and understand where codes and standards can be modified to accommodate new products and which changes could cause unexpected barriers for existing products. Jana has an explicit process for managing codes and standards that ensures that you have the fastest possible route to market. This is facilitated by Jana's active participation in the codes and standards arena — ASTM, CSA, AWWA, ASME — which enables us to keep abreast of current activities and understand the technical and commercial drivers. Jana can affect the changes required to move your business forward, often with Jana acting as the champion, keeping your interests covert and your product development plans confidential.

In many applications your product needs to be certified to sell.

Getting certification quickly and effectively means a faster route to market and full access of your product to the desired markets. In this critical area, significant time and cost savings can be realized with execution on the right certification strategy. Jana has strong relationships with the key certification agencies and an intimate knowledge of their requirements. Jana is, therefore, able to work with you to develop and execute that optimal strategy. Jana can also act as an agent for you, managing certification projects from initial inquiry through to completion, acting as the point of contact and freeing up your internal resources to work on other projects. Jana is also able to conduct testing that will be accepted by CSA, IAPMO, ICC and NSF in support of certification in the US and Canada. Data generated during the product development process can, therefore, be used directly for certification purposes, significantly reducing costs and timing in the certification process.

Ensuring rapid new product acceptance in the market place is critical to getting sales volumes up quickly. Jana works with our Clients to develop:

  • Engineering Assessments
  • Performance Attestations
  • Technical Papers and Reports
  • Technical Presentations
  • Client Support and Troubleshooting Programs

...all geared towards supporting the successful introduction and use of your product.

Once your product is in the field there is the potential to gain critical information in ensuring the product is performing as designed, ensuring clients are satisfied with product performance and guidance for product refinement and evolution. Jana works with our Clients to establish programs that support the successful introduction of the product and efficiently gain this critical information. Jana also has the specific tools and expertise to support you in troubleshooting issues in new product introduction.